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Who is a PA?

We use the term Personal Assistant (PA) to refer to those who support people at home, at work or with getting out and about, enabling them to retain their independence. A Personal Assistant may also be known as a Support Worker, Carer, Helper, Assistant or domiciliary worker.

As a PA, you might choose to support one person or several people. You can also choose the support you will offer, which may be supporting with meal preparation, shopping, personal care, visiting friends and family or supporting someone at work. Using Support Finder will allow you to specify the support you can provide and will match you with Employers who are looking for the support you can offer.

Who are we?

Our friendly and approachable staff team have a wealth of experience working with disabled people or living with a disability themselves. With our specialist knowledge, we support PAs with finding suitable Employers and guide them through the recruitment process and beyond. So, if you need to contact us or would like help with finding an Employer who is right for you, then rest assured that you're in the right hands.

Membership Packages

We have 3 membership packages for you to choose from, making it easy to find a package that suits your needs and budget.


Our free easy to use, independent package where you can manage your job search and recruitment process yourself.


An enhanced package, ideal if you want to be independent with searching for an Employer but have access to additional features and online resources with the opportunity to purchase additional services (DBS checks and PA Training).


A fully supported package, ideal for PAs who need personal support along the way with the opportunity to purchase additional services (DBS checks and PA Training).

Special Offer

Currently we are running a special offer for all Surrey-based PAs, providing a free Silver membership. To take advantage of this special offer, use the voucher code 'SURREYPASILVER'.

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+ Opportunity to purchase additional services (DBS check & PA training)

* All of our membership packages are paid quarterly in advance, for example, a Silver membership costs £7.50 per month, charged at £22.50 per quarter (every 3 months).